Custom Spa Party

Our custom "Mask On" Bar is an fun and unique way to learn about facial skincare while giving yourself a facial with a group of your best friends. Your group can try multiple skin care mineral clays, botanical herbs and fresh ingredients to mix up your botanical rich mask. All of your guest will be provided a sample size to take home and a 20% discount from our skincare line. 

Mask On - Facial Mask Spa


  • Clean your face with aromatic and botancial oils to wash away make-up, clean your pores and refresh your skin while nourishing it with vitamin rich oils with our No.30 Facial Oil.

  • Have fun learning about our the benefits of botanical clay mask, then mix the mask of your choice and apply.

  • Hydrate and balance you skin with a Complexion Water of your choice our No. 26 Botanical Toner Water

Small Bites and Cocktails 

  • Enjoy a champagne, herbal tea (ice cold and hot) with a fruit and cheese tray for your guests.

Would you like more information to create your own signature scent or private label. Or would you like to book a private spa party. Get in touch !!!!!

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