How to apply Beard oil and Beard Balm

Step 1: After washing your beard,  pump 2-3 drops of beard oil in your palm or snag a dollop of the butter with your fingertip. If you don't have time to wash your beard spritz our Botanical Facial Toners onto your beard until it becomes damp.

Step 2: Spread the oil or butter on both palms and between your finger. Run your hands across your beard making sure to apply evenly throughout your beard and with the grain of your beard while massaging into your skin. With any leftover beard oil or butter, simply massage it into your face or hair (It works great as a moisturizer or skin protectant for bald heads.)

Step 3: For styling, use a comb or a hard bristle brush to work the oil or butter into your beard to get the best results.  Brush or comb your beard until you're happy with the desired look and style of your beard.  

Step 4: Take a step back and admire your beard game in the mirror for at least 3 to 5 minutes before doing anything else, just take in the look of your stylish beard.

Using the beard oil and butter throughout the day is ok for those with particularly dry and patchy beards. However, for those that do not want to weigh down their beard, use our beard refresher whenever you need to rehydrate your beard and tone your skin underneath.

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