What is Skinimalism?

Gone are the days when beauty trends focused on dark eye makeup looks and over-the-top photoshop worthy contouring. Beauty is skin deep, and the industry is embracing the idea of natural beauty. Makeup brands are focusing on ‘barely there’ makeup and accentuating natural features. We’ve seen this idea in trends like fluffy brows and lip stains. Skinimalism is when you bring together your beauty and skin care routine to create the perfect ‘no-makeup’ look. If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’ll see less is more with today’s beauty trends.

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The secret to developing a skincare routine that gives your healthy skin a dewy glow. We’re going to tell you how to build an effective skincare routine and how you can embrace skinimalism.

How to Develop a Skincare Routine

Your skincare routine should be a four-step process, which you should follow both morning and night. Consistency is key, as active ingredients will only work when they’re exposed to your skin consistently. The first step is to determine what type of skin you have, as this will help you determine which formulations to look out for. If you have dry or sensitive skin, you’ll want to pay close attention to the ingredient list and avoid any chemical irritants.

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Regardless of your skin type, you’ll want to follow these four steps to achieve healthy and glowing skin.


Your skin goes through a lot during the day, which is why you need to cleanse it. Cleansing your skin gets rid of impurities and dead skin cells. It allows for your skin to absorb the active ingredients in the rest of your routine to help you get the best results.

Double cleansing is a method which has recently entered the mainstream thanks to the popularity of k-beauty. Double cleansing is a two-step process where you use the first part to remove bacteria and makeup from your skin before giving your pores a deeper cleanse. We recommend using our No.51 Rose Clay Cleansing Melt to exfoliate your skin and to dissolve your makeup. Follow this up with our No.47 Adzuki Bean Cleanser, which gently cleanses your skin using nourishing botanical ingredients.


Toner is a step we’ve all been guilty of missing, but it’s essential for improving the conditions of your pores. While you’re cleansing, your pores open to allow for impurities to be removed. Toning helps to close your pores and tighten your skin, preventing bacteria from entering your pores. It also helps to add an extra layer of hydration to your skin, while making sure that it removes every bit of makeup. If you suffer from acne-prone or oily skin, toning can help to balance your pH levels and reduce breakouts.

Our No.27 Hyaluronic Acid toner is formulated with hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes your skin while soothing inflammation.

Serums and Facial Oils

The third step of your routine where is you can customize it for your skincare needs. Once your skin is cleansed and toned, it’s ready to absorb all the active ingredients in your serums. These products are formulated to quickly absorb into your skin so it’s easy to layer serums. The secret to dewy and glowing skin is in the serums you use.

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Our No.42 Blue Tansy facial oil contains azulene, an anti-inflammatory ingredient which reduces redness and acne scarring to clear your complexion. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, this serum is a must-have for your skincare routine. You can use our No.31 Rosehip Oil to help rejuvenate your skin, reduce dark spots and leaves your face looking brighter and healthier.


Your skincare routine should finish up with a moisturizer to help seal in your serums and hydrate your skin. Moisturizer is a way to see off premature aging as it leaves your skin feeling plump and firm, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Staying on top of your moisturizing routine can help reduce future skin problems by preventing your skin from producing excess sebum or dry patches occurring.

Facial Mask

Along with your daily routine, you want to give your skin a little extra TLC. Get into the habit of using a face mask at least once a week to help detoxify your skin and clear your complexion. They’re a little act of self-care and you can put a face mask on for fifteen minutes while watching a Netflix show or scrolling through social media. Our No.21 Moroccan Clay facial mask is formulated to help tackle acne-prone skin, while reducing hyperpigmentation. This cleansing face mask leaves your skin feeling fresh and balanced by soothing dryness.

If you have sensitive skin, you can try our No.36 Turmeric Mask, which gently moisturizes your skin and helps to improve its texture. Our facial mask is formulated with natural ingredients to give you a healthy glow.

Make sure to book yourself in for a regular facial with an aesthetician for some self-care and to give your skin an in-depth cleanse.

Facial Yoga

Facial yoga is an easy add-on to any skincare routine. If you’re consistent with it, facial yoga can be as effective as botox for your face, as it can help improve the fullness of your cheeks and make you appear younger. The internet is full of recommended routines and you can use a facial toning devise or gua sha to aid with your exercises.

Skinimalism Makeup

When your skin is healthy, you’ll not want to cover it up in layers of foundation and powders. With skinimalism, you’ll be able to swap out your full-cover foundation for a concealer. Shift your focus to your skincare routine and spend more time treating the problem areas of your skin so you can go makeup free. With a flawless base, you can focus on accentuating your favourite features, whether it’s your eyes or your cheeks. Avoid using heavy products and instead look for cream-based formulas, which give your skin a healthy glow.

Deciding to embrace skinimalism can be an act of rebellion against a world where photo retouching and filters have become the norm. Nourish your skin with hydrating ingredients and develop a consistent routine that you follow morning and night. You’ll see results quicker than you expect, and you’ll become more confident in your skin. With skinimalism, you can look like the best version of yourself instead of trying to look like someone else.

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