Why Sachi Inchi oil should be in your skincare ritual

Your skin needs antioxidants to fight free radicals. The antioxidant power of sacha inchi oil is impressive. The origins of Sacha inchi is a vine native to South America that has been harvested for its nutritional and medicinal benefits for 3000 years. The vine, a part of the Euphorbiaceae family, can grow up to three meters high, and flowers star-shaped fruits about five months after being planted. The fruits bear seeds which can be roasted and eaten, or sun-dried and cold-pressed to extract the sacha inchi oil.

Sacha inchi oil has a significant 93% essential fatty acid composition. The breakdown of its essential fatty acids is 48% omega-3, 35% omega-6, and 9% omega-9. The most notable health benefit is that the oil contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, so much that it's the highest natural producer of the essential fatty acid in the world. It also contains high doses of vitamins A and E and skin-soothing amino acids, making it a powerful all-natural antioxidant boosting ingredient. Additionally, it hydrates and regulates skin while protecting its barrier, improving structural integrity, and increasing elasticity and suppleness. The use of Sacha Inchi oil on your skin lessens UV-induced photodamage, external signs of aging, and anti-inflammatory skin responses. With this high content of EFA's it delays aging and its symptoms, such as wrinkles.

We have incorporated this rare and unique oil in our beautiful and No. 51 Rose Clay Cleansing Melt. It melts into the skin while cleaning the follicles of clogged sebum, dirt, and makeup.

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