Why Your Skincare Routine Needs an Oil Cleansing Balm

The start of the year is the perfect time to give your skincare routine a refresh. While skincare routines used to revolve around four simple steps, the first one has had an expansion. For years, beauty editors told us to cleanse, tone, apply serum and add moisturizer. Dermatologists and industry experts now recommend that you should double cleanse for the most effective treatment. Deciding which two products to use for your double cleanse can be difficult, and overwhelming if you’re not up-to-date with the latest research. We’re going to tell you about our No. 51 Oil Cleansing Balm and why you should be cleansing with oil instead of soap. 



What is Double Cleansing?

Cleansers are one product type that we often overlook due to the hype around serums and retinoid treatments. In reality, it’s one of the most important steps of your skincare routine. The cleanser you use can make or break your skincare routine and determine how well the rest of your products work. Once you try double cleansing, you won’t go back!

Rose Clay Cleansing Balm

The idea of double cleansing comes from the world of Korean skincare, and the industry that is leading the way with ‘clean beauty’. The idea is that you should use two cleansers to get your face as clean as possible. The Korean skincare routine emphasizes using an oil-based cleanser in partnership with a water-based cleanser. A double cleanse will gently clean your skin and is ideal for sensitive skin types. The first cleanser removes the makeup and sunscreen that can clog your pores, allowing your second cleanser to cleanse your skin without being blocked by left-over product residue. 


Throughout the day, our skin gets covered in sweat, makeup products and other residues. Using one cleanser isn’t enough. Doubling cleanser allows you to remove the products and residue from your face without irritating your skin. This two-step process means you can get the most out of your skincare routines. Double cleansing can help brighten your skin and prevent your pores from clogging, which leads to acne. If you suffer from oily skin, double cleansing is a must as it can remove the excess sebum that leads to acne breakouts.


We’ve all fallen asleep with our makeup on after a night out. You want to resist the urge to grab the nearest bag of makeup wipes and instead go with a double cleanse. Every day, we shed tens of thousands of dead skill cells, so you want to double cleanse even when you’re not wearing makeup.


Why Should I Use an Oil-Based Cleansing Balm?


Different cleansing formulas can help target specific impurities and residue on your skin. An oil-based cleansing balm works to remove excess oil and the residue from oil-based products. Meanwhile, a water-based cleanser will remove your makeup and any non-oil residue on your face.

Rose Clay Cleansing Balm 

You want to use an oil-based cleanser as the first step of your double cleanse, as this can help remove excess sebum, along with makeup and other products like SPF. Using a water-based cleanser as your second step means you can remove residue that is trapped deeper in your pores.


If you have dry or sensitive skin, an oil-based cleansing balm is a must-have. An oil-based cleanser can protect your skin from drying agents in other products, as well as helping to prevent irritation. 


An oil-based cleanser is gentler on your skin than soap and is the best way of removing sunscreen and more resistant formulas. Using a soap can also strip your skin of its natural sebum, instead of the excess oils that lead to acne. Soap can slowly claw away at your skin’s natural protective barrier, leaving it more vulnerable to free radicals and environmental damage. 


Using an oil-based cleanser is often more effective and gentler than any soap product. Cleansing with oil products will help keep your skin’s natural protective barrier intact and regulate your skin’s oil production. When you use an oil cleanser, your skin benefits from antioxidants and fatty acids that you don’t find in traditional skincare soaps.


Meet the No. 51 Oil Cleansing Balm

Our No. 51 Rose Clay Cleansing Melt is the perfect first step for your double cleanse. Specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin, this oil-based cleansing balm will gently cleanse your skin and exfoliate away dead skin cells. 


You only need to use a small amount of this cleansing balm to see results. Massage the product into your face and neck before applying a damp, hot cloth onto your face for a minute. This process will help loosen the product residue from your pores, making it easier to wipe off. You can use this product twice for a deeper cleanse or follow it up with a water-based cleanser for a traditional double cleanse.


The rose clay cleansing balm contains three hero ingredients: watermelon seed oil, strawberry seed oil, and sacha inchi oil. 


Watermelon seed oil works to soothe and hydrate your skin to help you achieve a dewy glow. The antioxidants in our cleansing balm come from the strawberry seed oil, which helps fight off the damage caused by free radicals. This ingredient has anti-ageing benefits as it improves your skin’s elasticity and leaves your skin feel plump, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sacha inchi oil contains linoleic acid, which is ideal for treating acne-prone skin. The rose geranium and lavender essential oils help relax and de-stress while you start your skincare routine, helping you establish a nightly ritual.


Using an oil-based cleanser as part of your double cleanse can transform your skincare routine. Whether you suffer from oily skin or have sensitive skin that reacts badly to harsh irritants, an oil cleansing balm is a must-have. You can use it as the first step in your skincare routine before following it up with a water-based cleaner to complete your double cleanse. Finish off your skincare routine with a toner, serum, and moisturizer to lock in all the nourishing ingredients.

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