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Hibiscus to Supercharge Aging Skin

Hibiscus has great anti-aging benefits because it maintains elastin in the skin by decreasing the activity of elastase, an enzyme that breaks down our skin’s natural elastin, Hibiscus is also loaded with vitamin C, which is vital for collagen production. This extremely moisturizing and refreshing flower has over 200 varieties. It contains a large number of vegetable acids. but we love this flower because it provides a tightening effect to your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. It’s an ideal ingredient for combination and acne skin because it’s toning and has a high degree of astringent properties THE 'ANTI-AGEING' PLANT Hibiscus flower is naturally high in both antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), both important in making skin...

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What is your skin state?

Defining your skin type is essential to take proper care of your face as it allows you to choose the appropriate products. Generally, the skin is defined in two ways; according to its type and its state. The state of the skin is relevant to all skin types.  Your environment, the state can be temporary or become permanent.  The skin may lack radiance, be dehydrated and/or sensitive, display fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, a loss of firmness, or enlarged pores. Skin types, skin changes, and even aging skin can have a dramatic impact on your facial appearance. The difference between skin types and skin conditions comes down to the way it is treated. Your skin type will determine your daily facial routine. The makeup you wear, the lotion...

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Benefits of Blue Tansy Oil

Our hero product, Blue Tansy Facial Oil, No. 42 is a customer favorite due to color and skin healing abilities. Blue tansy is a little flower that’s native to Morocco. Its nickname is Moroccan chamomile, as it’s from the chamomile family and shares a lot of those properties. It gets that beautiful blue color through the chemical reaction that occurs when they steam distill the flower. Blue Tansy has an abundance of antioxidants that nourish the skin and anti-inflammatory properties. Combining blue tansy with a host of ultra-moisturizing ingredients including pomegranate, sweet almond, Kalari seed, and argan oil work together to majorly hydrate the skin. Acne-Prone Skin Blue Tansy’s primary constituents, chamazulene, sabinene and camphor have been found to be effective...

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