No. 19 Botanical Body Oil with Watermelon Seed Oil

No. 19 Botanical Body Oil with Watermelon Seed Oil


This 100% natural Botanical Bath & Body Oil is a wonderful addition to any grooming ritual and makes for a great alternative to using chemical-ridden lotions! 

Made with Watermelon Seed Oil is often called ootanga oil or kalahari oil. Watemelons orgainate from Africa and the seed oil have been used for centuries to heal the skin. The seed oil has palmitic, oleic acid, steric acid, B-Vitamins, copper, manganese, magnesium, and zinc.

Handcrafted using infused botanial oil of calendula and chamomile to heal and nourish the skin. Made with Bulgarin Lavender this floral is perfect to calm a baby and the most restless sleeper. Weather you use it directly on your skin or decide to add some to a warm bath, this all botanical blend will be sure to delight the senses and nourish the body with its plethora of skin healing vitamins (like E, B, A and C).

  • Made with organic oils and botanicals to moisturize and enrich skin of all ages.
  • Organic chamomile and calendula botanical oil to help gently calm and soothe skin

This is a 4oz pump bottle. 

ingredients: infused chamomile* and calendula* in sweet almond oil*, watermelon seed oil, non-gmo vitamin e and essential oil of bulgarian lavender *

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