My Story

I promise to keep your skin free from toxic chemicals. Our botanical skincare is formulated with you first in mind, to heal and restore a natural glow to your skin using effective and organic plants.
— Natural Mixologist
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Being a parent of two children with special needs and an aunt of a child with autism, my family was looking for toxin-free skincare that would do no harm. On our journey, we found that most commercial skincare lines, even the expensive ones,  used questionable ingredients formulated with toxic synthetic fillers.  My journey into organic apothecary began when I started to formulate skincare that was toxin free for my family.  I began to create plant-based skincare that utilized the healing power of herbs, plants, flowers and vitamin-rich plant oils.

All of my products have a herbal base, many are infused with calendula flowers and comfrey leaf, these herbs soothe and regenerate the skin. My skincare and beard grooming products are made with real + organic ingredients that help to improve the overall health of the skin, making it more resilient to signs of aging and inflammation.

I  approach skin care as nutrition for the skin, to heal and renew the skin. Every product in our line is touched and handled with care by me. The end result is a luxurious and effective skin care, gentle enough for your baby or even the most sensitive skin types.

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His Story

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Gentlemen's Swag was started when I decided to grow out my beard for “No Shave” November a couple of years ago,  l loved my new bearded look, however, I did not like the itchiness of my beard and the spotty growth, so I decided to shave off my beard. When Donica saw my clean shaven face that morning she literally had a  meltdown. She hated my "young boy" look and demanded that I grow the beard back (lol).  I explained to her reasons why I shaved my beard and she listened intently (she never listens intently to me) and for the next couple of months she researched and formulated a beard oil and butter that would condition my beard and prevent breakage.  When my beard grew out again to her liking her first words to me were, "Now you look like gentlemen again." Hence our brand name Gentlemen's Swag, “She Wants A Gentlemen” came to life.