Instagram Skincare Consultation 


Do you want glowing skin without using harmful and cancer causing products?


Hi, it's Donica, the Natural Mixologist, and I want to personally help you on your skincare journey.  Do you want to step up your skincare game or help slow down the aging process? Or do you suffer from hyper-pigmentation or acne? If so, lets talk via Instagram.

Let's Chat:

  1. Book your 30 minute appointment with me below by completing the form
  2. Receive a confirmation email/calendar invitation and complete skin care questionnaire to be filled out prior to our appointment.
  3. Connect via Instagram for your appointed time.
  4. Together we will go through your current skin care routine/products. Then we will discuss what I would recommend what products in our botanical skincare regime is best suited for you.
  5. After our session,  I will email you within 24 hours a detailed personalized home care routine. You will be given a link to purchase our skincare boss kit which will include all mentioned botanical products.
  6. I will schedule a follow-up appointment two months after your initial consultation to check your progress and answer any questions you may have.