Elisa Lucas

Elise Lucas is the owner of Esthetique Facial Spa located in New Orleans, La, she has over 11 years experience as an esthetician. Elise is very passionate about skin care. Guiding her clients through their skin issues that sometimes causes them insecurities and embarrassment is a role that she proudly takes on. Her dream was to open a spa and become an esthetician that clients can trust and respect. Now that her dream has become to fruition, she is working hard to nurture and grow it.

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Benardett Jno Finn

Sénica (pronounced SAY-NEEKA) is a New Orleans based artisanal body care brand that creates products that celebrate your natural beauty. Founded in 2007 by Benardett after her long, costly and largely disappointing journey of searching for effective products to treat eczema, dermatitis and other common skin ailments.

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Donica Johns