Elisa Lucas

Prevention is easier and cheaper than correction.  If you are consistent and invest in your skin, you can be happy with your skin.
— Elisa Lucas

Elise Lucas is the owner of Esthetique Facial Spa located in New Orleans, La, she has over 11 years experience as an esthetician.  Elise is very passionate about skin care. Guiding her clients through their skin issues that sometimes causes them insecurities and embarrassment is a role that she proudly takes on.  Her dream was to open a spa and become an esthetician that clients can trust and respect. Now that her dream has become to fruition, she is working hard to nurture and grow it.

NM: Tell us about your career before starting Esthetique Facial Spa?


Elise: Before becoming an Esthetician, I was a Crisis advocate for victims of domestic violence and a makeup artist as a side job for 6 years before going to school for Esthetics.  The makeup art drew me into skin care.

NM: When did skincare become important to you?

Elise: Skincare became important to me when I started to notice the first signs of aging on myself, around the of age 26 or 27.  

NM: How did you two meet your current business partner Jamie and what inspired the both of you to open Esthetique Facial Spa?

Elise:  I met Jamie at Aveda, where we started and finished the esthetics program together.  My first job out of school was more medical esthetics, doing laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing.  After 3 months I was promoted to manager, around that time Jamie began working there. After a year of working together, Jamie and I became very close friends and decided to open a spa together.  May of this year will be Esteheique Spa 10-year anniversary. 

NM: What is the most important skincare product? 

Elise: Oh geez, lol…so hard to answer! I will have to say two, Cleanser and Sunscreen Moisturizer. If I really had to pick one, I guess it would be my cleansers.

NM: What is the first treatment you recommend for those with acne? Hyperpigmentation?

Elise: Usually I recommend, depending on a condition of their skin,  a microdermabrasion or a mild chemical peel and of course at home treatments.

NM: What is your personal skincare ritual? 


Elise: I usually do a double exfoliation- micro peel, or chemical peel with pumpkin enzyme once a month. At home is more complicated,  I’m currently using Image Ageless cleanser, I follow that with the lightening cleanser (double cleanse), lactic cell turnover treatment (2x week), Iluma powder exfoliant (2 x week), hydrating vitamin C serum, Vitamin C facial oil, Iluma eye cream, max stem cell cream (night cream) and image sunscreen moisturizer.  Can you tell I’m a little bit of a product junkie? Lol. I don’t use them all every day, I judge how my skin looks and decide which one I need on that particular day.

NM: What are your must-have products? 

Elise: Ageless cleanser and Iluma cleanser! Hands down.

NM: What have you learned most on this journey of skincare?

Elise: Prevention is easier and cheaper than correction.  If you are consistent and invest in your skin, you can be happy with your skin.

NM: Now that you’re a #skinboss, what would you like to accomplish in the next five years? 

Elise: Well, I would love to master something else in my field. So my next endeavor is microblading!  I recently went to Texas for training and I am currently practicing so that I can start offering it. And of course, continuing to grow our spa.