Melissa Odum-Williams

Diversity in my Spa and skincare is so important to me, because in all cultures we all have one thing in common, “insecurity in regard to our appearance.” Whether it be our skin and/or weight, it is a common thread that crosses across age, gender and racial lines.
— Melissa Odum-Williams

Melissa Odum-Williams is a Licensed Esthetician, natural skincare manufacture,  and CEO of Queendom Aesthetics Natural Skincare Company & Spa. The main goal of Queendom Aesthetic is to advocate the importance of using natural ingredients along with spa treatments to improve the self-esteem of individuals all around the world and to encourage women to love what’s under their makeup.

NM: Melissa, tell us about your career before starting Queendom Aesthetics.


Melissa: Before starting my company,  I worked at about 5 different jobs in 5 years, from Walmart, a housekeeper at a hotel, a shot girl on Bourbon Street, a Capital One banker, AT&T representative to my final job in 2016 at Verizon Wireless.

NM: When did skincare become important to you?

Melissa: Skincare became important to me, without knowing, back when I was a teenager. Growing up I suffered from the skin condition called eczema, which causes itchy, red swollen patches on the skin. 

NM: Melissa, what inspired you to create your own skincare line?

Melissa:  After I became an adult,  then a young mother, my children inherited my skin condition eczema. At that point, I knew I had to find a solution for our skin issues.  Nothing the doctors recommended worked to heal our skin, so it became my mission to find something that really worked for myself and my family. I began to make all natural soap to heal my family's skin. The soap then became my signature beauty bars.  I was inspired to start my own skincare line after one friend absolutely loved my beauty bars. Soap making was simply a hobby and something my family could benefit from, however, she persuaded me to try to sell the bars. I did sell my bars and here I am 2 years later with products that really work!

NM: Why was it important to open your own spa? 

Melissa: It was important to me to open my own spa because honestly, it’s what my customers wanted. After my skincare products became popular, everyone would then ask me about facials, "Could I perform them and etc?", because to them I was the “skincare expert”. So I invested in beauty school, where I graduated from Aveda Institute of New Orleans, with a Diploma in Etiology Science.

 NM: Your Spa services a very diverse community and you cater to “multi-cultural skincare” for all skin types, why is diversity and inclusion important to you and your business?


Melissa:  Well, diversity in my Spa and skincare is so important to me, because in all cultures we all have one thing in common, "insecurity in regard to our appearance." Whether it be our skin and/or weight, it is a common thread that crosses across age, gender and racial lines.   From my amazing detox wraps, customized facial services, spa parties, waxing, makeup & of course my handmade skincare products made with all natural and organic ingredients, no matter the community makeup, I have a product and service that can cater to and benefit everyone.

NM: What is your skincare ritual? 

Melissa: My skincare ritual consists of cleansing with my original beauty bar. It’s very mild but offers an ultimate cleaning & healing solution. I tone after each wash a.m & p.m with Queendom Aesthetics Calendula Flower Toner. The calendula helps to soothe and repair the skin, removes excess dirt and oil and leaves my skin feeling so smooth. I follow up with Queendom Aesthetics Beauty Cream, which is really rich and has an SPF of 15, which is so important for protecting my skin from the sun.

NM: What are your must-have products?

Melissa: My must-have products are the Original Beauty Bar, it's great for dark marks, hyperpigmentation, acne scars and eczema. Our Beauty Cream moisturizer, it is a water-free moisturizer that helps your skin maintain moisture longer than a traditional lotion.  Our toners, we have two to choose from, Calendula Flower and Peppermint Rose, both are a pH balancer, skin toner evener, both are total must-haves! I also recommend the Thayers Rose Water Witch Hazel & Natures Bounty Vitamin E oil.

NM: What have you learned most on this journey of entrepreneurship?

Melissa: I’ve learned most about entrepreneurship is that it’s really hard,  it requires a lot of love, energy, and attention. Yet, it is such a rewarding journey!  I remember waking up everyday working super hard for someone else without having any job security, no matter how pleasant my attitude or being timely to work. Applying my strong work ethic to my own business was the best decision of my life.

NM: Now that you’re a #skinboss, what would you like to accomplish in the next five years?

Melissa: Now that I am a skinboss, I’d like to teach others how to become skinbosses. Additionally, I’d like to open a continuing education facility for Estheticians and beauty professionals just like me!

Donica Johns