Botanical Toner/Complexion Mist Water - Set

Botanical Toner/Complexion Mist Water - Set

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Botanical Toner Waters

Hydrosols are incredibly beneficial for your skin with herbal properties to soothe and heal the skin. Hydrosols are recommended as a daily facial toner, and play an important role in protecting and nourishing the skin from everyday pollutants.

No. 26 Lavender and Rose Hydrosol

use: Spray this beautiful organic hydrosol on your hair, face  or body whenever your need moisture to rehydrate to restore moisture

Or use in conjunction with your favorite face moisturizer: simply wash and dry your face, spritz your face with hydro, wait one minute for the botanical water to sink in a bit and then apply your moisturizer.

ingredients: lavender hydrosol*, lemon balm hydrosol*, rose hydrosol*, and south african rose geranium oil (Bourbon)*


No. 27 - Aloe and Rose Hydrosol

Hibiscus Flowers are rich in antioxidants that help to reverse damage caused by UV rays, dust, pollutants, and free radicals on your skin. Known as a great anti-aging botanical. Also contains a natural source of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which exfoliates skin, speed up cell turnover, and soothe blemishes. In turn, it reveals smoother, younger skin.

ingredients: aloe vera water*, rose hydrosol water* infused with hibiscus flowers*, neroli hydrosol water*, witch hazel hydrosol*, white willow bark extract*, radish root ferment filtrate (preservative)

use: After cleansing, mist onto face or apply with a cotton pad. Follow with a facial oil, serum or balm. 

Store your Hydrosol in the refrigerator for extra-cooling skin relief. Keep in a cool, dark place, and always out of direct sunlight. Shelf life is 6 months.

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